Marketing & Branding

Marketing plans, statistical analysis for market and brand strategies


This is a dashboard for marketing team to performance monitoring, budget managing, and strategy optimization.


This is a client-facing dashboard for delivering performance status and proposing marketing strategies.

Keyword/Content Strategies

This is an excel spreadsheet of how Ashley evaluates keyword quality scores based on different metrics and accordingly make recommendation on ad copy, landing page experience, and marketing account strategies.

Consumer demand for coffee has shifted from seeking just energy stimulants to promote well-being, create private leisure, and increase emotional connections. I performed the following Analysis on:

  • Web Analytics For Customer Journey
  • Funnel Performance Measurement
  • Audience Segments & Personas

Based on my analysis, I produced:

  • Brand Strategic Message
  • Effective media strategy that include SEO, Paid Search, Paid Media, A/B testing, and increased the organic web traffic by 15%, and drove the search conversions up by 35% within a month.


  • Collect data through questionnaire
  • Audience segmenting and sampling and
  • Chi-sq. test of difference of means for Distribution Method Bias
  • Likelihood and Frequency Analysis
georgetown MBA Course Project


  • LTV & churn analysis for Brand assets
  • Data cleaning for survey data
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Brand perception evaluation & gap analysis
  • Provide strategies for a positive brand perception

Georgetown Graduate Student Government planned to launch a survey to improve their service. They asked the Georgetown CCT students for help. Ashley and the other 3 team members conducted a focus-group research, and accordingly provide recommendations on the following areas:

  • Build alumni – student mentorship platform
  • Launched industry-specific career service sessions
  • Increase digital presence with newsletter & website UI design
  • Partner with other Georgetown entities

Digital Walk

I connect media and data with creativity and passion.