Documentary “Elderly Loneliness”

An Ongoing Project

I made this documentary in January 2012. I was a college fresh(wo)men, just came back home for winter holiday. My maternal grandma had turned 80 years old and she was suffering some mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s. She had lost all her siblings a year ago. The original purpose of this documentary was simply to record her life, and as an 18 year old, it was hard for me to fully understand that kind of loneliness she was enduring.

Fast forward almost 10 years later, my grandma passed away in October 2021. I began to revisit the memory of the last decade. I realized that her story, my mom’s and my own experiences taking care of her, carry more public values beyond just personal memories. We are entering an aging society, and the prevalence of conditions like Alzheimer’s, it has become a challenge for public policy across the globe.

I plan to expand this documentary to explore different stories of the family, caregivers, private and public facilities dealing with Alzheimer’s and its impact to public health policy. Meanwhile, I plan to interview sociologists, public policy makers, and other researchers to develop a comprehensive understanding.

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